Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day Back Reflection

Now it isn't really safe to talk about school related stuff on the world wide web so anything on here about a school it is completely made up.......

1. I'm sick..... I don't feel horrible, but not my best. Based on limited internet research for a hypochondriac I am thinking walking pneumonia. My lungs feel tight when I take deep breaths, chest congestion and cough. Body is achy and ribs are hurting by the end of day from coughing. I have only had a slight fever of 99. If I feel worse by Thursday I'll call the DR.

2. I have two goals this year:

A. Make this the best year of school these kids have ever had.

B. Don't eat every freaking sweet in the teachers’ lounge.

~ Might have already broken this one.... A parent brought me a Frappuccino after school.... scratchy throat after yelling bus numbers in crazy chaos.. I couldn't say no. Also, I might have to dig into the chocolate caramel apple another kiddo brought me. I love our parents and kids.

3. I love how I have set my room up. I should take pictures.

4. I love all the new technology I have this year.. However I don't know how to use it... I should figure this out.

5. We were creating superhero profiles and a kiddo turns to me and asked why they can't be villains.... note to self: Keep an eye on this one!

6. I am shocked how easy it is to slid into the teacher personality after 8 weeks of summer. After six years it feels so natural.

I hope all you teachers had a wonderful day. Love those kids they are so precious. I might not be able to lead this country or create the next big technology boom but one of these kids just might. I just hope I can help them realize their potential and lead them in the right direction.


rearea83 said...

Glad you had a great first day back! I can't believe how quick the past six years have gone! I would love to blog all the craziness of the teaching world...but I'm pretty sure I would get two posts in and be done. Hopefully you will be my inspiration! :)

Anonymous said...

I love that you have two goals and they are both awesome, feel better sarbear!