Monday, June 8, 2009

Dedicated to Sophie

Dear Blogging World,

This week marks the one year anniversary that Ryan and I have been dog owners. We are the proud parents to Sophie Mae Bilski! The anniversary was actually last week but I was busy then.
This picture was taken the day or day after I found Sophie! 12 weeks and 12 pounds.

You can read this post to recap Sophie's dramatic entrance to our lives. Through the long process of healing a sick puppy, potty training, expensive dog food for her sensitive tummy (which she may of finally grown out of... we will see), sliced paws, cut on eye, pink eye, ear infections and many many episodes of messy diarrhea I believe we have been slightly trained to be the soon to be parents we will be in approximately 10 weeks.

Things that Ryan and myself did not expect to encounter is her constant attempts to drive Diego crazy. Her dependence on us was another surprise. Sophie has yet to stay in our backyard alone with digging, barking, crying, or clawing on the door. She prefers to be apart of the family. Her barking and growling reaction towards the door bell and/or knocking. Which I attempted to begin training more appropriate behavior today. How easy it was to crate train her and her eagerness to be in her crate every time I fill her Kong with yummy goodness. We did not expect to her be bigger than 45-50 pounds but she now weights close to 70 pounds!!!! The vet did say last visit she was a bit chunky... which I have no idea where the fat is because I swear it is all muscle. I did not expect her timidness. She was extremely scared of doorways, bathrooms, the tv, and hide underneath the bed. She has grown out of the door ways, and sometimes she is a bit skiddish in the the bathroom, and still trys the get underneath the bed. Which Ryan has had to life the bed up so she could get out!

She is such a cutie pie! I love watching her facial expressions and trying to imagine the thoughts that are going through her head. The funnest thing is when she is dreaming. She will bark, growl, whimper, and move her legs around and be sound asleep.

Here is picture montage of our life with Sophie over the last year!

She was soooo tiny!!! But would play just as rough with her big pup friends Gracie (German Shepard), Chloe (Yellow Lab), and Rusty (Vizsla). She is now larger than Chloe and Rusty and pretty close to Grace.

Trying to force a friendship that has now developed into co-habitation.

Sophie plays with puppy pee pads and pees on the carpet!!!! How could you be mad at that cute thing!

Why sleep on a comfy expensive pillow when the ground is perfectly fine. Plus there are toys here..... No plush toy lasts longer than an hour. "Indestructible" toys last maybe a day. Only toy we have had the entire time is her Kong.... though we had to buy a second one because one magically disappeared. Don't worry we found it a few months later.

Sophie loves the Dog Park.... and mud.

Sophie is never shy around a camera!

Is that a friendship building?

Sophie LOVED being in the bed!!! Too bad we had to change that rule with a baby on the way.

She loves her new backyard and puppy pool. Note: This one was donated to our school. We had to buy a bigger one.

Hope she realizes that her life is about to change big time!!!! Maybe we she get her a puppy??? You agree!! Thats great, please convince Ryan for me, thanks!

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