Monday, August 15, 2011


Or the lack there of.
Today was our first official day back. The students don't start until Monday. Even though I don't have to be at school until eight, I am running our morning routine so that I can be there by 7:15/ 7:30 am like a normal school day. I was off by 15 minutes, not bad first go around.
My alarm is set for 5:39 am. Odd number, but that's just where it's at. If I took my shower in the evening, my hair will be damp enough to style, or I would shower in the am. I will need to nurse Ethan, get him dressed, and then finish with myself. I have as much as possible packed and ready for the day. Right now, Ryan is in charge of getting Drew ready for the day. This arrangement worked out well last school year, and we will probably continue it as long as I am still nursing. Divide and Conquer.
I am exhausted. And the kids aren't even back yet. It is 9:30 pm and I am laying in the dark in my room. Can I make it another school year? I think I can. I think I can. I want to think I can.
Not sure where I left off at in the previous post. Ethan got HFM and then Andrew got it horribly all around his mouth. Poor little guy has been out since Wednesday. Tomorrow will be his first day back at daycare. Still has some scabbing but those wet areas in the creases of lips take forever to heal.
Teaching is what makes me fat. Seriously, last week we had inservice for two days and then this full week. At 11 I think I will die of starvation. I can't take it. It would explain the 50 pound increase from first year of teach to fifth year of teaching.... besides babies. That is a whole other story. I have been trying to manage the scale by a healthy sensible diet and portion control. I can't work out yet. I have my post-op appt this Friday. Hopefully I will get the thumbs up. Though, ENERGY, will be needed for that activity. Anyways my portion controls get way out of portion when I am starving at lunch. And the sweets that are thrown at you are delicious. They are treats that celebrate good things my co-workers have done, how can I deny them?
I want to become a better blog. So I better blog more often.
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Friday, August 12, 2011

Back to School

As this wonderful summer ends in the most crappy of ways I am reminded of how much I love my job. I am SO ready to get into the school year, know my little students, figure out what are my goals and challenges and to simply be in a more structured routine. This past week we had two campus work days and it is always so much fun seeing all the familiar faces and reconnecting. I have a great campus.
I am looking forward to this school year because....
*for the first time in three school years to not being pregnant!
* First time in two school years to not take maternity leave.
* First time in my entire teaching career of five short years to have a principal for more than one year. *Looking forward to applying for a FSFA forgiveness grant for working in a Title 1 school for five years. *As much as I have loved my previous partners in crime, I am looking forward to working with my new partner.
*To only having two classes vs. the three.
* To teach Social Studies again, I didn't get to last year. My favorite subject! Though reading has warmed my heart.
*Knowing our new reading curriculum and feeling confident in it.
*Finding more opportunities to be a leader.
*Having repeat families. I love having siblings and already knowing parents.
I am not looking forward to
*all the paper work. Not my fav.
*Drama. As of right now there is only one male staff custodian. That is a lot of stressed hormones raging up and down the hallways.
*Last year in this building. Moving into a new buidling next year.
*My classroom moved from a portable to inside the building.... which means cochroaches and mice. YUCK!
* The unknown STAAR. What will this do the students????? and teachers???? and parents?????
*Not spending my days with the hubs and dropping the boys off at daycare : (
Im in the middle of setting up my classroom. I have the desks the way I want them. When you walk in the door there are two bulliten boards to your right. The right will be social students and the second for student work. I have titled it "Spot On!" I have cut out backings from polka dot wrapping paper. In the back right corner of my room is the class library. I still need to label the baskets by book genres. In the middle of the back wall in my small group/guided reading station. I have my word wall set up there as well. The back left corner of the room is my computer. Front left corner is the student center with copies, paper, passes, turn-in trays, mailboxes, and supplies. I have a writing bulliten board set up there. On the front wall is a long dry erase board that I have divided into four sections by its natural lines. Going left to right, I have my Class News BB, Daily Objectives, then section for teacher led instruction, a spot that will always stay clean for projector, and the last section will have any sentence stems or multiple day instructions if needed.
I am debating on hanging my character posters on a string that goes across the windows. I think I may test it out and see if it looks tooo cluttered. Look forward for proof of a finished product! BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hand foot mouth

I wish this title was related to the things Drew is saying and pointing out but no it's the newest virus to hit the Bilski Household. My poor little Ethan is not a happy camper. This is only the second time in his 6 months of life to have a fever and need meds. Little Bubba does not handle it well, just like his mama. He has ulcears around and in his mouth which I am guessing is very painful because he screams and hardly eats. Last night he would only sleep when cuddled up to me. Which made me a little nervous because I had already taken my pain meds (stilllllll recoverying from my surgery last week). I didn't want to roll on top of him, but figured this was just how it was going to be.
Right now he is playing in his gym, a little happier than earlier. Thought we would take advantage of these short lived moments between the crying. Times like these your heart breaks because there is just not much you can do to take away the pain but just hold him and try to sooth him.
I hope this is not the trend of how this school year will go at daycare. Mother's guilt is starting to hit me. I wish I could keep them at home. I wish I could supply him with just breastmilk and not so much formula. I started thinking if I didn't start giving him so much formula he would of had a stronger immune system. Whats done is done, all I can do is pray that he will heal fast and be healthy.
Ethan did weight 21 lbs and 1 oz at the Dr.'s office. (90-95%) We didn't get his length though. I have tried at home and I got 29-30 inches which is off the charts so not sure if I did it right. We have 15 ounces till the car seat is no longer safe. Probably should make that change here pretty quick.
I am starting to think all my readers have lost hope in me with the lack of comments. That is ok, I haven't been the most reliable blogger. But I have found a bunch of mommy and teacher blogs that I have been enjoying this summer. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Friday, August 5, 2011

Under the Knife

This past Tuesday I went under the knife to repair an incisional hernia. I was pretty nervous to have a surgical procedure done so close to the start of school. Also, the last recovery was pretty rough. Partially because I am a wimp and I had to be up all crazy hours taking care of a newborn baby.

The nurse reported to my mom that I was talking about two kids who still have their wisdom teeth??? I'm a light weight when it comes to anesthesia so I remember nothing. The only thing I could think of was an episode of The Duggars on 19 Children in Counting I had watched a few weeks before. If only they would tape this part, that would make a funny reality TV show.

I'm feeling better this time around. My family has helped out immensely. With dinners and helping with the boys.

And now the pain killers are making me fuzzy and need a nap.

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