Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day Back Reflection

Now it isn't really safe to talk about school related stuff on the world wide web so anything on here about a school it is completely made up.......

1. I'm sick..... I don't feel horrible, but not my best. Based on limited internet research for a hypochondriac I am thinking walking pneumonia. My lungs feel tight when I take deep breaths, chest congestion and cough. Body is achy and ribs are hurting by the end of day from coughing. I have only had a slight fever of 99. If I feel worse by Thursday I'll call the DR.

2. I have two goals this year:

A. Make this the best year of school these kids have ever had.

B. Don't eat every freaking sweet in the teachers’ lounge.

~ Might have already broken this one.... A parent brought me a Frappuccino after school.... scratchy throat after yelling bus numbers in crazy chaos.. I couldn't say no. Also, I might have to dig into the chocolate caramel apple another kiddo brought me. I love our parents and kids.

3. I love how I have set my room up. I should take pictures.

4. I love all the new technology I have this year.. However I don't know how to use it... I should figure this out.

5. We were creating superhero profiles and a kiddo turns to me and asked why they can't be villains.... note to self: Keep an eye on this one!

6. I am shocked how easy it is to slid into the teacher personality after 8 weeks of summer. After six years it feels so natural.

I hope all you teachers had a wonderful day. Love those kids they are so precious. I might not be able to lead this country or create the next big technology boom but one of these kids just might. I just hope I can help them realize their potential and lead them in the right direction.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Watching: Well nothing right now but when Ryan is done putting Andrew to bed we will watch tonights episode of Big Brother and maybe a rerun of The League.

Listening to: Silence. Silence is golden.
Well mostly silence. Andrew is somewhat fighting bed time.

Depressed summer vaca is over but also releived to have some structure and normalcy and excited/stress for the beginning of another school year.

Wanting: Energy and a free shopping spree for back to school clothes :-)

Needing to: Go grocery shopping. Pay the $3 late fee at the public library because I forgot Curious George was still hanging out in my mommy purse.

Drinking: Just downed a cup of coffee and chasing it with a mikes hard cranberry lemonade.

Eating: For dinner I made a creamy mushroom chicken with diced tomatos over bowtie pasta.   I was ust about to make some chocolate pudding but we are nearly out of milk.

 Fallen (Fallen, #1)  I started it yesterday and about 3/4 the way through. There are four books in the series. I am enjoying it immensly! I think I really need to stick to series that have been completed. I hate wating for books to be published... Crossed.... The Divergent....

Annoyed: That I can't get into my classroom yet to set up..... It's gonna be stressful.

Should I take a shower tonight or in the morning????

Craving: Chocolate pudding! Yum.

Some relax time after a long first day back to work.

A wonderful card today from a friend that made me feel very special. She is a keeper.

Planning: My classroom and curriculum!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stream of thoughts

In effort to TRY and blog regularly I felt the need to post tonight. However, I have no clever ideas and will just say what's on my mind!

1. This summer Andrew was potty trained and sleeping in toddler bed. Both of which was way easier transition than I thought it would be. I guess I just under estimate how easy Andrew can be about some things!

2. I go back to work tomorrow.... I love teaching but I don't want to talk about it right now.

3. Ryan took me on a great date weekend up to Dallas and we saw Jason Mraz. I love the lyrics to his songs and they just make my heart happy. Ryan and I definately need to make sure we do our date nights. They are so refreshing!

4. Ethan is a beast. I can't help but compare the two boys. Developmentally I feel Ethan is farther than where Andrew was at 18 months but in physical abilities I feel he is behind where Andrew was. I am not concerned about that, I actually feel blessed since the boys are so close together. God knows what we can and cannot handle! Ethan is talking up a storm and repeats almost all words! He is so darn cute.

5. I want to read a book casually. Is that possible? I feel like I have to try and finish a book in one or two sittings... which leads to being awake until 4 am..... Then I am not a happy person.

Here are some pics from this summer:

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Update Summer 2012

Well, my only reader, my mom, has informed me that it is summer and time to update the old bloggy blog. I have a few ideas for some blog posts. But first, I will stick to an update of all things some what recent.

Andrew will be three in August.  I cannot believe he will already be three......... no more terrible twos.  Probably a little of terrible threes. He is still struggling to communicate with others outside of our house but doing great with us. I think we just have a case of extreme shyness. I was concerned that there were some speech delays but after filling out a comprehensive survey I am not that concerned anymore.  He is counting and loving alphabet letters. He loves fire hydrants, stop signs, cars, trains, his bubble lawn mower (though he keeps calling it his motorcycle). He loves swimming. We are learning to share. My goals for him this summer is to get him to ride his tricycle. He loves pushing it around but I can hardly ever get him on it and pedal himself.

His shirt says " My Way of the Highway".... And it seems like it sometimes!

Ethan is 16 months old now. He is a big boy for his age and has been taking his time reaching his milestones. He has been walking for almost a month now. I am thankful that he took his time because boy he is on his own agenda and gets into EVERYTHING. Raising a second child has been much different than with Andrew. I was reflecting and for Andrew at this time we had a gate wrapped around the living room and ultra protective. Now the boys have the run of the house. Ethan loves going into rooms and shutting the door behind him and sitting in front so you can't get in the room. He's sneaky like that. He is talking away. Things like Mommy, Daddy, eat, up, bye bye, bubba, and trying to say much much more. He has had a touch summer so far. He had a nasty cold which led to a double ear infection, a rash on his neck, and chest from two molars coming in, four bite marks from when he fell and bit down on his bottom lip, A HUGE golf ball bump on his forehead from the bathtub! I promise I supervise him...
Photo: Bumpolicious!Still as happy as ever!

The boys get along great and love each other. They are almost the same size! I love that they are so close and have life long buddies to play with. It was really hard for a while but getting easier by the day... or at least till Ethan hits the twos!

Well will have more to update soon. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I am!