Wednesday, December 15, 2010

4th Trimester

I have hit the last stage of "Am I actually going to make it?"

I know I will. I have done it before I can do it again!

Symptoms I did not have with pregnancy #1:
- the skin around my belly button feels on fire, like sand paper rubbing a sunburn. I go touch it and it feels so numb! Crazy. It hurts to have clothes on.
That's really the only difference.

Though I haven't hit the stage that feels like he is about to fall out at any moment. More discomfort to come.

Focus on the positive. In roughly 50 days I will be holding this sweet baby boy! I can't wait to cherish those cuddle moments because I know now that it doesn't last long!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A not so wordless Wednesday!

First hair cut

8 weeks later....

Already time for another hair cut!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

two questions

Why does this blog app warp my pictures....?

I wonder how Drew will respond to Santa this year!

A little bit Scrooge and pee!

Tis the season! We put our Christmas tree up today. Which is probably the earliest I have ever put a tree up. This is also my first holiday with a fake tree. I'm a big fan giving each holiday their personal space. October for Halloween, November for Thanksgiving, and December for Christmas. There are always a few who have lights up by Thanksgiving. But this year I feel like the entire world is starting Christmas too early. We may get our lights up by next weekend though I wouldn't be surprised if we waited another two weeks.

We put the tree up and couple other knick-knacks. I still have two more bins in the garage full of decorations. I decided that whenever it is time to pack away the decor I will be a nine month pregnant person already freaking out about having everything prepared for Ethan. I would like to keep things as simple as possible.

I wonder what Santa will bring little Andrew. He has been a good boy this year, except for peeing all over his bed. I will fill you in about that in a second. Santa let me know already about some Mega Lego Blocks. What are things one year olds like to play with????

Now the pee story. Andrew must know how much his Daddy despises urine, which any normal person does, it's just funnier to watch Daddy when he is disgusted! On the day Andrew was born, still lying on the warming table, he had a giant pee fountain. Landing all over Dad's socks, which I guess he was wearing without shoes in the hospital room. The details are blurry, I was pretty doped up on narcotics due to a 10 pound baby and the damage that can do to you! Anyways, Daddy promptly threw those socks away and continued to wear a
shirt that had splatters of blood..... 15 months later.… Drewster can be a wiggle worm and it's easier for Daddy to undress him while
He is still in the crib. After the wrestling match ends Dad turns and goes to discard the dirty diaper and pjs. He turns around to find Andrew standing watching himself pee all over the bed! Now, I wish I was there to witness this but I was busy brushing my teeth. I heard a faint yelling. I turned the faucet off and heard "HELP ME" on the baby monitor. Hehe.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Ethan Joseph Bilski,

Your estimated time of arrival is roughly 68 days away. Today was the first day that I began to nest. Your Daddy said he was in a nesting mood as well. I have come to a conclusion that our definitions of nesting are completely different. I have no complaints about this because he is way better at the day to day chores than I am. You will learn this pretty quickly.

Ethan your bedroom is no where near ready for you and I am not sure what I am going to do with everything that is in there. I guess I am not completely worried because your big brother will still be in the crib for a month or two before you move into it.

You and your big brother may have some rivalry. Andrew is already jealous of you! He has noticed the growing belly you currently call home. He likes to poke, smack, and bit my belly. Today he threw a toy at you and it hurt! I am pretty sure you felt it because you kicked back! I know you two will be best friends one day.

Ethan I know you will be your own person. This pregnancy has already been different than with Andrew. I was not sick for as long as I was with your big brother. Indigestion has been less but has been increasing a little bit but nothing a few tums can't handle. I do think your are going to be just as big or a little bigger than Andrew. He was 10 pounds so I hope I am wrong! I feel this way because the physical toll this pregnancy is wearing me down. Depending on my daily activities I can barely walk in the evenings. The process of moving my right leg forward is excruciating in my hip joint/ sciatic nerve. I am taking it easy as much as possible.

Your Daddy and I can't wait to meet you. I wonder about your hair color and eye color all the time! Will you come into this world looking just like Andrew? It's all I know so when I dream at night you look like him. Will you have the same easy going temperament? Or will you come out your own little demanding boss?

I think you will be stubborn and strong. Out our last ultra sound you did not want to show off your manhood. I had had a little sneak peak two weeks before and were thinking most likely boy. At our official ultra sound they made me get up and dance so you would move around, as the technician was saying he was 85% sure it was a girl you went spread eagle and displayed what we were looking for. I think you will be strong because you have gabbed me so hard I have gasped for air and tinkled at the same time! Andrew better watch out!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

4 in a row?

Can I do it, four blogs in four days? I think I can! Having an app makes it so much easier. Though not easier to think of entertaining material.

What could I write about?

I could write about work but too many teachers are being fired for that. I would like to keep my job.

I could write about mommyhood. Though I can understand how some maybe bored and annoyed with that. Oh well, it is all I know right now! Yesterday Drew had a 15 month check up. Everything went great. He measured at 25 pounds and 31 inches long. This is in the 50th percentile. He started in the 98th percentile so I was a little concerned but she said it was completely normal. I had a doctor appt right after that. Everything once again is great! His heart rate was in the 150's and going strong! I have only gained 15 pounds! Crazy! Now I just need to be really good for the next 9 weeks ( all the holidays) and I won't gain like crazy like I did last time. For some odd reason I thought pregnancy weight melted away the day after baby was born. Poor me for being naive!

I will try and be more creative for tomorrow. If you read my blog feel free to comment. More comments I get the more I try at rejuvenating my blog life!