Thursday, March 31, 2011

Back To Work

Well, I went back to work today. Sigh :-/.

I would love to be able to stay at home the next few years with my boys but that is not an option. I have got to suck it up, put on my big girl panties and go to work.

Dropping Ethan off at daycare was no problem. I am confident in the home daycare I have the boys in. I think the second time around isn't too bad.

Even though I want to be home I love my job. People do not survive in the education field if they do not love it. My students were so wonderful. Lots of hugs, smiles, and drawings to hang!

Friday, March 25, 2011

March Madness

It's been madness alright! I know hardly anything to write a sports related entry but I will try.

As I think back I don't ever remember there being a March Madness till Texas Tech was in it my junior year in college. I just happen to be in Las Vegas participating in my first betting experience.

My wonderful hubby loves March Madness probably more than Christmas. He and his friends have organized a group to follow along with the madness. This is my fifth year to participate. Ryan did say last night that I have a good track record. In the past four years I have won 1st(!) place once and my lotto team went to the elite eight or final four ( can't remember) last year. We usually have around 50-70 people in the bracket challenge.

This year the title March Madness has really been true to the name. High seeds dropping like flies due to buzzer beaters. Brackets destroyed. My bracket would be in better shape of it wasn't for a small minor fatal mistake. When entering my bracket I accidentally put Pitt as the champ instead of Ohio St. I didn't realize this mistake until two minutes were left in the game that Pitt lost. :-(. Oh well.

I like doing the bracket because it is something I can share with Ryan and makes these 90 million basketball games more interesting. Unfortunately, the interest level has dropped a little because I know I cannot win.

What will I do with my time? Maybe I will try and finish the book I started four months ago!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Finally Healthy

In the last 7 weeks I have recovered from the delivery of my 9 lb 3 oz son, gallbladder attack due to inflammation and gallstones, surgery removing my gallbladder, yucky flu-like virus, and most recently pink eye. All while taking care of my sweet boys who had the nasty virus too!

I think I need to go back to teaching so my immune system can be exposed to all those germs and strengthen up!!! I go back to work March 31st. I'm torn about returning. I will be glad to have more interaction but I know that tension and emotions are a little out of control because of TAKS and budget cut lay-offs. I'm also torn because I love the kiddos and teaching but I would so love the chance to be a SAHM to my boys before they start school. However, we are not in the financial position to do that. I do have summers though!

Ethan showed off for the camera today!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sleep Log

There are so many logs you can keep to make sure all is being done correctly.

Wet/dirty diapers
Bottles/how many oz
Breastfeeding- how often on each side
Mom's diet- to reach weight loss goals or see how foods react to infant

I have a mental log on how much sleep I am getting at night. Two nights ago I got 2 solid hours and a few 20 minute chunks. That nearly broke me. Last night I went to bed at 1130 got up at 230, then 4 and was wide awake till 5, woke up at 6 then up at 8. Three years ago this would of broken me but today I feel refreshed! Yawn ;-)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dennis the Menace

AKA Andrew has become a full fledged toddler. If it was just him I think I would be just as exhausted at the end of the day as I am with a 18 mo and 6 wo. He has so much energy it is unreal!

Normally he goes to a home daycare during the day even though I am at home on maternity leave. Ryan and Drew are home this week because of spring break. Which looses it's magic when your already home.

I feel Andrew has grown so much the last few months. He is talking so much and becoming more of a dare devil than Ryan or I ever were. Today, he accidentally rolled right off the couch and thought it was the coolest thing. He proceeded to repeat several times. Some words he is saying: up, doggy, stop it, ouchy, so sweet, good job, and the cutest one right now: ok. He says it after any question you ask him with such certainty. Im sure there are many more he us meaning to say, his yapping all day long with all sorts of vowel and consonant sound combinations.

He is getting better at eating, including veggies. There was probably about 6 months where he refused to touch a veggie. We are working on using a spoon and fork. The other night he sat in his booster seat and pretend eat applesauce with his spoon probably for 20 minutes. The next night he demanded that he actually do it himself. He may of actually got a third of the container in his mouth. That was a bath night.

He loves being outside. His best friend is Sophie and I think the feelings are mutual for the most part. She is so great around him. He literally lays right on top her and just 15 minutes ago I was prying his fingers from her poor ear and nose. I keep a close eye on them because one day her patience may run out! They chase each other outside and in. He is learning how to play fetch with her.

His will to do what he wants is strong. He has started trying to boss us around! When he does something bad and we try and discipline him he starts his check list of bad things and sees what kind of reaction he can get out of us. We have started time out. I think he is too young to understand the concept and to get him to stay in the time out spot. He was pushing us hard tonight. I was ready to start spanking! Sometimes I watch Supernanny and think I am going to end up in this show! If you have any suggestions on disciplining a toddler please feel free to comment.

With this growing personality the more love and affection he shows us. His "hugs and kisses" is when he rests his head on you. It's so sweet. He does it to Sophie and Diego. He tries to do it with Ethan but usually pairs it with this claw swipe grasp towards the face.

I love watching him grow and learn about the world around him.

Ethan's Birth Story

My mind is fading fast and we are wide awake at 4:30 am. Seems like the perfect time to write. Which also means look for lots of errors!!!!

There are some parallels in my two boys birth stories. That is very long "pre-labor." In quotations because at the time they are painful, the contractions were coming every five minutes for several hours. I think to myself that this HAS to be the real deal. With Andrew I was 2-3 cm dilated and 75% effaced for 2 or 3 weeks and with Ethan I was 4 cm dilated and 0% effaced for two weeks.

Saturday- Went in to Labor and Delivery- "yes you are having contractions, I know you are in pain but you are not progressing." Damn. "Go home and take some tylenol, a bath, drink tons of water and rest." Damn you nurse, get it out. Is what I am thinking.

Monday- more contractions. Tylenol-check. Bath and shower- check. Drink tons of water- check. Rest- kinda check. How much rest can you get chasing a toddler and having to pee every five minutes from said water. Contractions getting closer and closer. I go to L and D. "yes you are having contractions, I know you are in pain but you are not progressing." F- though I am not terribly disappointed because I know that I have an induction planned within 24 hours of this discharge.

7 pm Tuesday night Andrew and our dog, Sophie, went to my dads for a few days. I cried knowing that I am about to ruin Andrew's perfect world of being a spoiled only child all because of my shellfish reasons of wanting another child and you know continue man-kind.

10 pm We headed to L&D. We checked in and got settled for the "long" process of an induction. We expecting it to take 20 ish hours. It took 10.

Wednesday 2-2-2011 12 am- This time around they inserted a pill into my cervix. After two hours nothing was happening. Which is normal but in my head I am thinking they are going to have to start a form of torture called pitocin (which assisted in the very painful birth of Drew). The nurse said if the first dose doesn't work they will just put in another after four hours.

2 am- As soon as she left the room those REAL-not-pre-labor contractions started and jumped to one to two minutes apart. I think I am dealing with the pain pretty good. I wasn't stressed out about it because I knew I was going the epidural route. They started to get real intense and was thinking it was time for drugs.

*the rest of the time table are predictions because details get blurry!!

3:30 am- Nurse comes and checks me. I'm fully effaced but still 4 cm. I ask for pain relief. Shot of stadol is my best option at this point. UGH. I hate that stuff. Does not take the pain away. Just makes you feel like your tripping on some serious narcotics for the minute between contractions and as soon as that contraction starts you are brought back to reality to be tortured by your own body. During these cycles I remember hearing Ryan and my mom play words with friends

4:30 am- the tripping off of stadol only lasted an hour before I felt it wear off. I was checked and think the nurse said 5-6 cm now. Yay!!! Epidural. Let's hope you do your job this time.

5:00 am- finally the anesthesiologist makes an appearance. The process of the placement of the epi was a breeze. It was having to sit in that "scared-cat" position during a million contractions is what sucked. I also lost my cool with one of the nurses. She kept telling me to stop humming and just breath through them. I think I snapped at her with something like " I hum". Real creative. I was seriously amazed I got those two words out of my mouth!

5:30 am- Wonderful painless bliss. I'm not sure what happened between now and 9:30 am. Did I nap? Watch tv? Chat with the hubs and my mom? Not sure maybe they can leave some insight in the comments!

9:30- fully dilated and effaced. Nurse had me do a practice push and the told me to labor down. My epi worked so well I could let this happen more easily. Last time I could not resist the urges to push. Also, at this time my dad, step-dad, and good friend Ross all show up to give their love and support. Unfortunately they didn't get to stay long because I started feeling some spasms down there. The nurse had me do one push and made me stop. She said he was about to come out! I couldn't believe it!!! My Dr. H sprinted from his offices. I remember the nurse told him to relax bc she made me put my legs together!

10:26 am- All the delivery materials were set up. I think I pushed for two or three contractions and Ethan was born!!!! I thought to myself "I could do that again!"

He was 9 lbs 3 oz and 22 in. At first he looked just like Drew but slowly all his own physical characteristics began to stick out!

Ryan said his umbilical cord was something like 3 ft long! Some how I missed that part. Since Ethan did not spend much time in the birth canal he struggled with some fluid in his lungs. Similar to what can happen in a c-sec. He managed to clear his lungs out by that evening. Also had some pooping and jaundice issues but that all took care of itself within the first week of life.

Andrew came and visited but wanted nothing to do with me. All he wanted was to run up and down the hallway and get behind the nurses station.

We had a few visitors but not as much this time because we did not have to stay those extra days. With in 27 hours of Ethan's arrival we were able to be back home relaxing in our own space.

Seriously, that had to be the most perfect induction and delivery known to man! I really could do it again! However, the transition of one child to two is way harder than I thought. Hard enough I am thinking two is enough and wouldn't ever be able to handle three!