Saturday, January 31, 2009

Top 25... since everyone else is doing it ...

1. I am a messy and just can't seem to pick up the trail I leave behind.
2. Ryan is the love of my life. He is patient, tolerant (see above), loving and devoted. I hope I can always be there for him.
3. I have a cat, Diego, who pulls books off of book selves to rip pages. Usually at 4 am.
4. I treat my lab like a child. She likes to sleep in and cuddle in the mornings.
5. I was depressed and cried for entire day after reading Marley & Me.
6. I am 10 weeks pregnant. Tired of the first trimester and ready to get this ball rolling.
7. I am an instant gratification and need it now person.
8. I love to read books in one or two sittings. I enjoy reading Twilight, James Patterson, Nicholas Sparks, Harry Potter, The Other Bolyen Girl series, and young adult novels.
9. I love all movies that have historical aspects.
10. I enjoy watching biblical documentaries.
11. I love teaching, but I am worried I am getting burnt out on it.
12. I don't know if my favorite destination would be the beach or mountain.
13. I hate Texas beaches. The one and only time I attempted to swim there I was attacked my jelly fish.
14. I love camping. Growing up we went to the KOA all the time in our pop-up tent trailer. Those were the good times.
15. I love watching the TLC channel.
16. I miss all my friends that I don't get to hang out with any more but I just know how they have all that energy to go out all the time. I am also a home buddy!
17. Growing up I was terrified of water. I finally learned how to swim in the fifth grade. Later becoming a life guard for several years.
18. I enjoy blog surfing. I don't feel guilty butting in on others blogs because if they didn't want people reading it they wouldn't post it!
19. I am a horrible speller.
20. I would love to be able to travel one day. But on a teachers salary it just doesn't seem possible.
21. I am grateful to have family so close to me.
22. I graduated from Texas Tech in 2006 with a Bachelor's of Science in Multi-Disciplinary Studies ( Middle School Education). I have having to explain was multi-disciplinary studies is. I would like to get my Masters in Library Sciences.
23. I grew up in Seattle. I blame this reasoning why I can't eat anything slightly spicy and my ultimate love for crab meat!
24. I started babysitting at 11 years old and stopped when I was 22 years old.
25. I already feel guilty knowing that my child is going to have to go to day care at 2 months old.

That was a little more difficult than I thought it would be!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


This post is dedicated to my grumpiness.

For the past four or five weeks I have had this feeling like I need to barf but never do. I have been walking around like a zombie even though I am taking naps every day and going to bed at 9. I cant seem to go back to sleep after my bladder forces me up at 2 or 4 am (depending on what time I go to bed). Every weekend has been bed ridden and the thought of having to get up and even take a shower is exhausting. I have lost 6 pounds in the last month. I have fallen way behind in my share of the household chores such as picking up after myself, cooking, and grocery shopping. I can't eat a full meal. I will be deathly starving one moment and take two bits and feel like I need to barf. I am not liking this first trimester thing. I need to be 12/14 weeks fast. I am not sure how much longer Ryan or I will last.

Of course, there is the bundle of joy at the end. I have had a couple of teaser days here and there where I think I am feeling great and have energy and can eat. But by the time it is evening hope has disappeared.

Here is to the future Baby Bilski!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Starbucks/ Cotton Bowl

Starbucks has decaf lattes. I was worried about the no caffeine part. But today all my worries have been set aside. Now I just need to drink tons of water to get ride of these caffeine withdrawel headaches.......

Tech plays in the Cotton Bowl today. I will enjoy watching the game one last time but I am sooo ready for football season to be over. Maybe its my husbands split personalities when it comes to watching sports, or the endless hours with football on TV, or maybe I am ready for basketball season. Baby Bilski will be born just in time for the next football season. (S)he better be ready to be a sports fan. Lets just hope (s)he chooses the right team (go raiders)! Though I am sure husband will try and dress him/her in longhorn things when I am not home. We will see.