Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I will not sit on my ass this summer! I've got myself some long term and short term goals.

Long term-lose baby weight and more, get house up to par, be a balanced momma!

Short term to do between today and June 10.
Swim laps at least three times a week.
Take boys for a walk everyday.(Revision: On days they don't go to daycare)
Organize the master ( made improvement today)
Move a big boy bed into Andrew's room and move crib into Ethan's room
Figure out what Ethan had ALREADY grown out of. Seriously found a box of clothes that are too small.
Get Ethan into his own room. : (
Organize play room.
Get my living room back.
Organize hall closet.
Organize my pantry. (almost done because my fabulous aunt Brenda)
Sign Andrew up for swim lessons.
Read at least one book. Haven't decided which one yet.
Dust ceiling fans and TV.
Take time with the hubby.

Can I do all of this in 2 weeks with 2 babies????

¡Si yo puedo!

Because my boys are cute.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Where are you???

Why haven't I blogged in awhile???

It's not because of laziness this time but because I am a mother of two boys, a toddler and infant. Not only that but it is the end of school year craziness and any experienced teacher knows what that is about.

Here is a quick update...
- finished Hunger Games Trilogy. How did I have time for that?? I didn't sleep for two weeks!
-I started a journal for Ethan and Andrew. I have already started to forget precious memories (blame the lack of sleep). I want the boys to know all of it!
- I think going to the pool will help Drew warm up to the idea of bath time.
- Ryan and I have recently had two great date nights. We have seen Blue October and then Augustana. We like live music.
- I think Drew is teething. Ugh.
-Friday is the last day of school! Love my job and students but I also love pretending I am a SAHM. One can dream.
-Today I was able to wear both wedding bands comfortably. Er... Maybe I am not a lost cause. Say no to sugar!!! Er. Yum.
-Ethan is growing too fast. Let him in the jumper. What's funny is that we are putting Ethan on it about a months earlier than Drew yet Ethan's feet touch flat to the ground when Andrew had books under him!!!

This is Andrew after we first bought it!!!!

Ethan's turn!!!