Monday, May 23, 2011

Where are you???

Why haven't I blogged in awhile???

It's not because of laziness this time but because I am a mother of two boys, a toddler and infant. Not only that but it is the end of school year craziness and any experienced teacher knows what that is about.

Here is a quick update...
- finished Hunger Games Trilogy. How did I have time for that?? I didn't sleep for two weeks!
-I started a journal for Ethan and Andrew. I have already started to forget precious memories (blame the lack of sleep). I want the boys to know all of it!
- I think going to the pool will help Drew warm up to the idea of bath time.
- Ryan and I have recently had two great date nights. We have seen Blue October and then Augustana. We like live music.
- I think Drew is teething. Ugh.
-Friday is the last day of school! Love my job and students but I also love pretending I am a SAHM. One can dream.
-Today I was able to wear both wedding bands comfortably. Er... Maybe I am not a lost cause. Say no to sugar!!! Er. Yum.
-Ethan is growing too fast. Let him in the jumper. What's funny is that we are putting Ethan on it about a months earlier than Drew yet Ethan's feet touch flat to the ground when Andrew had books under him!!!

This is Andrew after we first bought it!!!!

Ethan's turn!!!

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Erin said...

your boys are super cute and squeezeable!