Saturday, May 3, 2008

No longer a virgin blogger

Welcome to my blog. Like it says in my description I am fifth grade teacher who has been consumed by work. Summer is getting closer along with a wide amount of free time. One thing that I have started doing is taking art classes on Saturdays and joined a gym. Last Saturday was my first painting session. The teacher rotates around the room and guides each student through their independent projects. My project is oil painting. I have always enjoyed art. Growing up I took classes outside of school and at school. I look at some of my drawings from when I was in the fourth grade and I am amazed. I am worried that I lost the skill after all these years.

The school year has been very interesting and educational. This is my second year and it has been completely different than my first. Not necessarily bad but different. I have definitely gained lots of confidence in myself. I think I may of even enjoyed my students a little more! Though I think I was so stressed last year I didn't take the time to appreciate them.


Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

please blog more. Thanks =)

Mrs B said...

I know I know..... I don't have anything interesting to say!