Friday, May 16, 2008

Almost Summer

How knows who reads this or even knows that exists. I don't think I really have anything interesting say. I am not witty or whimsical in my writing! Just straight to the point. I am learning a lot in my teaching career and surprised I am about to finish my second year. I am wondering if every school is as stressful as the one. Stress really does a number on ones body. I am SO excited for summer. What is on my to do list? Art classes, possible San Francisco, Visiting the Alamo, Reading the 30 books I have meant to over the school year. Playing with my puppy. I don't quite have this dog yet but I dream. I constantly dream about the puppy/dog that I will have during my summer vacation. Dreams about all the supplies, toys and trinkets I will buy. I scour the different websites advertising dogs/puppies. This is all I have for now. Is this a dull life? Maybe for you, but not me. = )

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Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

I cant wait until you get a puppy- it can come and play with Molly!