Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Life happens and I forget to blog! The past two weeks have been eventful. To start from where I last left off I took an ESL (English as a second language) Training class so that I may take a test and be officially certified. I sat next to a good friend of mine and breezed our way through four days of common sense! Though I did learn little tid bits here and there.

In the process of attending these classes I was reading the Twilight series. Now it is written for teens but I enjoyed just as much. I had heard about it randomly while looking at other Young Adult novels but then Ryan's sisters read the book and loved it. So I decided I would give it a go. Five days later and three books later I read roughly around 1800 pages. It was delicious! In the process of waiting for the fourth book to be out I learned that there will be a movie! I also learned of some interesting websites.

* and if you look at all the friends each character has their own profile. I am embarrassed I have looked long enough on the Internet to know that this exists.

Well I am now done with this saga and will pick it back up in December when the movie is out after Harry Potter movie comes out in November, of course. Jamie, a friend that I have hooked to Twilight, and I have decided to start a book club. I am on the look out for suggestions!

I have also gone to Houston to visit all my college besties. How I miss them! It was great to see everyone and have a good time.

Also, Ryan and I celebrated our one year anniversary. Now just that it itself deserves its own post. This past year has gone by fast but has been wonderful. We went to The Melting Pot and devoured our incredible food. The waiter played his violin for us at the end of the meal. We had some Champagne and one year old wedding cake waiting for us at home but we were just too full to even try and decided to wait until the next night. It tasted wonderful! I need to call my aunt to tell her she did a wonderful job! And thanks mom for letting it occupy your freezer for a year!

Sophie has a sensitivity to food. This is our latest expensive discovery. Which means everything she eats gives her diarrhea. Not fun. Hopefully this new food the vet gave us will work. When I say "gave us" I mean I spent more on that small bag of food than I would on groceries for Ryan and I for a week. Ouch.

So that is pretty much what has been happening. Crazy Crazy. In another two weeks we will officially back at work and wont have much time for anything. I find myself going up to school here and there now so I am not as swamped that first week. I hope all my readers are well and enjoying life.


Mrs SarahB said...

my poor grandpuppy!

lfulwood said...

I meant my poor grand puppy!

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

happy anniversary- Ive always wondered if the cake still tastes good a full year later!