Friday, September 19, 2008

Long Over Due

I know it has been forever, and I only slightly apologize. Life has been busy. Since I feel nothing overwhelmingly exciting as happened I will remain brief.

School started. Those two words should explain it all. There have been way too many after school meetings. All very important and necessary just wish all our issues would be magically solved during second period. I have had a meeting/conference every day this week afterschool till at least 4:00. Now some of you may think that is still early. By this time I have been at school for 9.25 hours on average. I have yet to grade papers, make phone calls, organize/clean my room, make sure all the preparations for the next day are done. So far this year I have only gone up on the weekends twice. Which is a miracle. I 'could work for twenty hours and still have something to do. I have decided to prioritize and go home. I can't overly stress myself out.

When I get stressed I get sick. That is how my body coopes with stress. I have had some poeple tell me that I seem to handle stress pretty well because I don't typically run around like a chicken with its head cut off. However, I handle all things iternally! Just as the Gasterologist I met with over the summer. Yuck. Anyways, I didn't even make it a full three weeks before I was home in bed with a fever of 101. I spent four days in bed or on the couch. Took two days back to work to feel like a new person. And now I feel great. I love that great feeling you get when you have recovered, makes me feel thankful!

Eric (Ryan's best man) and his wife, Tessa, joined us for 2 great weekends. The first weekend we just hung out and went to the first home UT game. I wore white. I am kind of thinking of getting my own UT shirt. Part of me says absolutely not because I know Ryan would never wear a Texas Tech tshirt. I am thinking-The second weekend we relaxed and played with their ten week old son, Hayden Ryan. Soooo absolutely beautiful. I was sick so I stayed away at all times even though I just wanted to run up to him and hold him in my arms.

This past week I have been dog sitting for my dad and step-mom. They met up with my Aunt and Uncle in Cabo for their 25th wedding anniversary! So jealous. I am soo glad to be home, to sleep in my own bed. I am sure Sophie loved being over there, constant companionship/slumber party. She is going to have a rude awaking this next week back in her crate all day. Their internet wasn't working so I felt a bid deprived of all my sites that would of been blocked at work i.e. facebook myspace blogs, etc.

Now I am tired, swee dreams.