Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A trip to Colorado

Ryan and I made a quick run to Colorado for the UT vs CU football game. Before I start writing about the pictures, why is University of Colorado known as CU? Shouldn't it be UC. And then there is University of Oklahoma ... OU. Following this theme University of Texas and TU fits. Anyways. Here are some pics.

Here is a picture of some of the Rocky Mountains, going north on 25. There was a storm coming up the mountains from the other side. There was lightning too. We were almost swallowed by a beautiful town. Made me want to move there....

Here we are before the game at a cool bar in down town Denver. In my loyalty to Tech and refusal to conform I would not do a Longhorn sign. Don't worry horn fans, a few beers and I caved it. Sometimes things just don't change. Later on we got on a party bus for the drive from Denver to Boulder. Of all places, I ran into parents of a student I had. First time that has happened while drinking, and in another state!

So all of you who know me well are wondering why in the world is there burnt orange on me. Don't worry I protected myself from it. I wore a Tech shirt on underneath. Mom thought I was trying to get some beads..... Sorry to disappoint you mom but none were offered!

Here we are enjoying the UT tailgate. All the orange, I felt a little out of place but self medicated to drown the anxiety. The big screen the back ground was playing the Tech game. That made me feel a little better. This may of been one of the most boring games I have been to. Too bad I spent two days in a car to watch it. However, I had a great time!

A pretty sunset in Amarillo. We were following a front. And I was desperately ready to get to a hotel and sleep. Just a little annoyed. I believe at this exact moment I was yelling at Ryan because it was his fault the were no hotels along the highway like normal cities. Ryan looks at me says OK and turns around to take pictures of the pretty sunset. Which may of irritated me even more but a suitable hotel popped up and I told Ryan he was lucky, this time. A scary picture of me to help you imagine the looks I was giving Ryan.

I was so excited to see my babies! I hope they were just as excited to see me! We are hopefully going to make the trip again in December or February for some skiing! That will be fun to watch/teach Ryan learn how to ski!

Hope everyone is doing well. I really hope more people start to blog!!!! It is fun to read and see what everyone is up to!


lfulwood said...

So Sarah, is that a hook 'em sign or a guns up?

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

Did you know that Justin and Joanna made a similar trip and ended up ENGAGED in Colorado?!