Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fetal Heart Rate Monitor

FORGOT to tell you about my latest purchase. A fetal Heart Monitor. I will get to hear BB's heart beat ANY time I want to. I may even bring it to school! I think some of my girls at school would love that. They are all dieing to know the sex. Every day they ask me when I am going to find out. Like somehow I need a reminder every day my next appt is March 23rd at 1:00. I say it everyday. AHHHH I need to know pink or blue.... pink or blue. I know some of you out there would prefer to wait till actual birth day to make it more special and a surprise. I hate surprises I like to know now! Well I don't hate surprises, sorry that was a lie, I only hate them if I know there will be a surprise because I think about it constantly.

I think waiting for a baby till birth day is plenty enough. My school work has suffered because I have baby on the brain. I have already started a Target registry but am limited to what to get because I just don't know all what I need yet. I don't want to get all GREEN or YELLOW items, I will need to wait for the blue or pink. I have been googling birth stories. I haven't decided about a birth plan yet. I know I don't want a cesarean. I am a wimp when it comes to surgery and can see myself having a panic attack right there on the table. The only real surgery I have had was tonsils and that is something I NEVER need to go through again. (FYI I think my spell check on here is broken, sorry, I am horrible, I know) So the decision is to whether or not to have an epiderial or not and honestly I don't know if I will be able to make that choice until my actual water breaks. Some of these birth stories are a bit scary and freaking me out. I think I need to stop reading them for a while.

I realized last week that I am going to need to know how to care for this child after it comes out of me so along with reading What to Expect When Your Expecting I have been reading What to Expect The First Year. I have tons of babysitting experience but never cared for a newborn. I started to have a minor freak out when I didn't know at what point do you start introducing baby food and solids or when should BB start crawling. Goodness, I need to baby proof this place. I think I am going to go buy some more books I have a lot to learn. I will be surrounded by family that will give me their input but I would like to educate myself on what to do!

Voyager of the Seas(15 days till departure)

Anyways, Fetal Heart Rate Monitor please hurry up in the US Mail, I would like to take you on my cruise with me! With this nifty tool I will be able to record the heart beat onto the computer and post it on here! So I hope this puppy works!

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Mere said...

Oh my gosh Sarah I am so excited for y'all!! Excited about the baby AND the cruise, ha ha. You look great, and I totally agree about knowing the sex, it seems like it makes things so much easier to know it early. Best of luck, mama, have fun on your trip!! Love, Meredith