Sunday, March 1, 2009

bump update

14 weeks 2 days

Well ladies and gentleman nausea has diminished. I only gag now when I brush my teeth. And when I had to clean up after Sophie's potty breaks.... but that is normal. I haven't gotten any crazy boosts of energy but definitely feel lots better! Which means I am probably going to have to do my part of the household chores again... I am looking into a cleaning service. It would help to keep up with the place if someone come and do a crazy deep down clean. Is this me being lazy? YES.

According to the sites BB (Baby Bilski) is the size of my fist. I should know now because nothing fits! I don't want to go spend money on clothes right now because I want to save it for the cruise in 2 weeks! Arms are lengthening so they can punch my in the ribs later down the road. Ears are in place and eyes are squinting. BB is urinating which creates the fluid s/he floats around in, nice.

Ryan, myself, and some great friends went bowling on Friday. We had a great time. Work has been stressful as ever but I am determined to survive until spring break. After that I am counting down the days to Easter. After that summer!!!!!

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Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

I want to see you in person and rub that belly!