Monday, May 25, 2009

Chuggin' Along

So last night, laying in bed, unable to sleep because of achy back and no comfortable position to be found I realized I needed to blog. It had been awhile. But last night the only title I could think of was "Crankiness." This morning I feel like I need to remain positive if I am going to make it till August!

There have been lots of improvements in life since I have last communicated with the blogging world. Ryan and I have closed and moved into our house. Almost all unpacked but this have some settling in to do. Sophie and Diego love their new found space. From a small apartment to a 2,ooo square foot house with an enormous backyard. Sophie did take at least a week to get used to be being in her crate when we left that first week. But I believe all is well. Diego's stomach needed to get used to him eating grass... yuck. Ryan did a good job cleaning up after him after he attempted to dye our new carpet green. Yesterday I bought Sophie a small baby pool for the backyard so she can cool off in the hot summer months. Being all black can be hard on poor puppy! I will get some pics up soon.

My family has been so wonderful in helping us out in so many ways! It has been amazing. Thank you again!

Updates in preggo world. I am definitely gaining ground in the poundage area. Last week at the doctors apt I had gained 10 pounds in a month! Dr wasn't worried though because that was still only 5 pounds more than what I weighed around 5 weeks preggo. Maybe there was a reason for the tough first trimester.... telling your body not to eat three months can make some fat go away. I measured right along schedule doc is still saying sometime between the Aug 23-30th. Which is the first week of school. So I am most likely not going to start the year off.

Andrew, my Karate kid is turning into a wrestler I think. Not so much sharp jabs anymore but more like a person getting a running start, jumping, landing on a wall and sliding down the surface. Does that makes sense???? There have been some moments where my breath has been knocked out by his full body rolls or when he "tries" to stretch out ( I only assume) pushing on my stomach, bladder and spine.

As you read earlier my poundage is up along with my appetite. BUT I am going to try and not eat 20 cupcakes/cake this week or a bag of oreos or a package of guacamole or a whole pizza. No need to reach the 200 pound mark..... right? Very Scary. No cankles so far.

Right now Sophie is enjoying the outer layer of a 8-12 years old girls soccer ball. We thought she would like to nudge it around the backyard with her nose and place soccer but all she wants to do is destroy it. Which is fine by me because a. not any of my personal belongings b. it has already lasted longer than many other expensive dog toys b. keeps her occupied c. Intimidates the birdies in our backyard. Home the woodpecker that has already put a whole on our porch is watching.

Is it bad to dream about Mexican martinis??? I am waiting for the day when I can just have a sip!

Pictures to come. Summer is only a week and half away! And I am not proof reading this so sorry if you are frustrated!

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Mere said...

Whew, hadn't caught up in a while, y'all have been BUSY! It looks like everything is going wonderfully, I'm so glad. Where is y'alls' new house? I'm excited for you that you'll have your whole summer to chill and get your house ready for ANDREW and all of that. :-)

As for Sophie, that made me laugh out loud because I bought our little pug mix a tennis ball on a chewy rope and I was gone maybe two hours and came home to what looked like a tennis ball EXPLOSION! Our destruction artists should def. get together sometime, haha.

Take it easy, mama! Love ya.