Saturday, May 30, 2009

Week 27 (7 months) Belly Picks

So, this is my belly. As I am looking at the camera to make sure Ryan did a good job I say " These pictures make my belly look big." Ryan's response.... "because it is!" I cannot believe I still have three months of growing to do! I don't have any stretch marks (well I do but those were there before I found out I was preggo) but if baby only weights approx 2 pounds now and will be a Bilski/Heckeroth baby which have been known to produce 9+ pounds babies I will have some of those pesky stretch marks! In the pic where I show some skin the belly looks fake! This was obviously the first time the skin has seen daylight.

This week has been busy. Ryan's birthday was thursday. Yaya, love my sweetie, hope we had a great day. We only have two days of school left. Thank the lord. Though these two days are going to be extremely busy. Feild trip to the park and then bowling on Monday and Fifth grade Graduation on Tuesday. We have a work day on Wednesday but should be pretty relaxed. As much as I love my job and working with kiddos I am completely burnt out. I need a vacation. I don't want to go anywhere, I just want to sit on the couch and relax! But it is weird thinking I wont be in the classroom till around November 1st. That is 5+ months away.

I took Sophie to Red Bed Isle off of Town Lake this morning. She loved it and was very well behaved! She is a natural swimmer. For an hour and half I was throwing the ball into the lake and her retreving it. I was worried she was going to wear herself out and not make it too shore. I love going down there every once in awhile so if your dog likes to swim let me know and we can all go down together. Tonight Ryan is having some friends over for poker and I am going to camp out in the bedroom doing some late grading for students 50 state and capitals test and writing overdue Thank You Notes for baby showers! Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

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Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

where is it? Molly has never been swimming so that might be fun to try!