Sunday, May 9, 2010

I went to a bar down town last night.

I have not gone to a bar down town since the the night Andrew was conceived! Approximately 17 months ago, until last night. I went with my friend, Jamie, and saw Blue October at Stubbs. They were great. Afterwords we met up with another friend, Sara, at a bar called Kung Fu. I realized last night that it had been about that long since I have been to a bar down town.

Some observations I made:

1. If you said kid people went running.
2. I am way shorter than I thought I was.
3. Bars are for single people.

I had a great time with Jamie. She is moving to Dallas in June and I sure am going to miss having fun with her! Lots of laughs have been had.

Today is Mother's Day and my head hurts. We have a fun day planned with Brunch at my house with family, a Round Rock Express Game/Bday party for a precious little girl, and dinner at my Dad's and Step-moms house.

1 comment:

Just Jamie said...

You are really short! Haha. Next time someone I want to leave me alone comes along I am going to tell them I have a kid named Andrew!