Monday, May 3, 2010

Maybe Tonight is the Night!
(not a pic of Drew)

I do believe that these two front teeth (at the same time) are making their way through Andrew's gums as I type. I noticed a little white just beneath the surface almost three weeks ago! I had heard that it takes three days for the tooth the break through.... still waiting. However, he has been on the grumpy side lately.

Tonight he got real grumpy about 30 minutes before his 3 b's (bath/bottle/bed). It was Ryan's turn for bath night and poor baby was screaming just about the whole time. Which is very unusual because for those who have met Drew know that he is pretty calm baby and enjoys just about anything. With no extra play time in the tub , Ryan got him in his PJ's while still screaming. By this time I was definitely thinking teeth. Searching for the Tylenol or Motrin everywhere, I really wish I would put these things back in the same spot every time. Then I got to thinking about the huge Recall. Great, we are going to suffer all night. But no, I bought the off brand. Thank you, Lord. Gave him some feel good meds and a bottle.

The last time he had this piercing scream is when I tried to cut his nails as a newborn and accidentally took a itty bitty tip of his finger off. Well it may of been me crying, can't recall the details of those early weeks. It all blends together.

He is now in bed almost an hour early awake and NOT screaming. Just a second ago I could hear him dragging his pacifier along the side of the crib. I guess when you are in pain a little alone time is needed.

Hopefully these teeth will bust through tonight! I know the little man is eager to eat finger foods. He is downing yogurt melts and cheerios. He had some whole peas on Sunday and was laughing the whole time. Daycare says she sees signs that he wants to feed himself and pretty soon she thinks he will completely refuse to be spoon fed. We will see.

I am so excited to spend the summer with him. Though, I did apply to teach summer school this year. It is half day, four days a week, for 4 or 5 weeks. The extra income is always needed, especially when you have to pay for day care even if you don't need it. Got to save the spot. UGH. I believe there is about 25 % chance that I get the job. We will see.

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