Saturday, April 23, 2011

sleep deprived.

I told several people at work today how Ethan slept through the night and how wonderful it was. Putting him to bed I kept falling asleep while nursing. So, I asked Ryan to give him a bottle. That is the last thing I remember.

This afternoon when telling my Grammie about it Ryan mentioned how he brought Ethan to me and I fed him at midnight and put him to bed! Crazy! I guess it still counts because I slept through the night even if Ethan did not.

A few OT side notes:

Just finished The Hunger Games. First time to finished a book in 6 months
My whole reason for going to Walmart was to get plastic Easter eggs (sold out!) and paper plates (forgot). Pointless. Yet I still managed to spend $91. Bust.
I have the cutest boys
Recently bought plane tickets to Seattle in sept for my cuz's wedding!!
Flat tire= brand new tire
Happy good friday
Happy Easter

Forget the bunny, remember the lamb. I have my joy and family because he died for me.

I would not be shocked if Donald Trump turned out to be the anti-Christ!


The Blogivers said...

Hi! Just hopped over to your blog :) How funny that you saw me, but I wish we had gotten the chance to actually meet! Thanks for your sweet comment though :) Hopefully we will run into each other at church some time so we can meet!

Allena said...

Ha - cute post. Did you like The Hunger Games? I really did and am anxiously awaiting getting the 2nd book from the library (dang wait list).

The Blogivers said...

Ha! I'm not worried that you're stalking me - I actually saw that Desiree and Kelly were both on your blog roll and wondered what the connection was! And I just told Wade that y'all met at Camp Allen - after looking at your picture, he says he is pretty sure he saw you (with baby?) at church as we were leaving. Small world indeed! :) Happy Easter!