Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Update Summer 2012

Well, my only reader, my mom, has informed me that it is summer and time to update the old bloggy blog. I have a few ideas for some blog posts. But first, I will stick to an update of all things some what recent.

Andrew will be three in August.  I cannot believe he will already be three......... no more terrible twos.  Probably a little of terrible threes. He is still struggling to communicate with others outside of our house but doing great with us. I think we just have a case of extreme shyness. I was concerned that there were some speech delays but after filling out a comprehensive survey I am not that concerned anymore.  He is counting and loving alphabet letters. He loves fire hydrants, stop signs, cars, trains, his bubble lawn mower (though he keeps calling it his motorcycle). He loves swimming. We are learning to share. My goals for him this summer is to get him to ride his tricycle. He loves pushing it around but I can hardly ever get him on it and pedal himself.

His shirt says " My Way of the Highway".... And it seems like it sometimes!

Ethan is 16 months old now. He is a big boy for his age and has been taking his time reaching his milestones. He has been walking for almost a month now. I am thankful that he took his time because boy he is on his own agenda and gets into EVERYTHING. Raising a second child has been much different than with Andrew. I was reflecting and for Andrew at this time we had a gate wrapped around the living room and ultra protective. Now the boys have the run of the house. Ethan loves going into rooms and shutting the door behind him and sitting in front so you can't get in the room. He's sneaky like that. He is talking away. Things like Mommy, Daddy, eat, up, bye bye, bubba, and trying to say much much more. He has had a touch summer so far. He had a nasty cold which led to a double ear infection, a rash on his neck, and chest from two molars coming in, four bite marks from when he fell and bit down on his bottom lip, A HUGE golf ball bump on his forehead from the bathtub! I promise I supervise him...
Photo: Bumpolicious!Still as happy as ever!

The boys get along great and love each other. They are almost the same size! I love that they are so close and have life long buddies to play with. It was really hard for a while but getting easier by the day... or at least till Ethan hits the twos!

Well will have more to update soon. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I am!

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