Monday, August 15, 2011


Or the lack there of.
Today was our first official day back. The students don't start until Monday. Even though I don't have to be at school until eight, I am running our morning routine so that I can be there by 7:15/ 7:30 am like a normal school day. I was off by 15 minutes, not bad first go around.
My alarm is set for 5:39 am. Odd number, but that's just where it's at. If I took my shower in the evening, my hair will be damp enough to style, or I would shower in the am. I will need to nurse Ethan, get him dressed, and then finish with myself. I have as much as possible packed and ready for the day. Right now, Ryan is in charge of getting Drew ready for the day. This arrangement worked out well last school year, and we will probably continue it as long as I am still nursing. Divide and Conquer.
I am exhausted. And the kids aren't even back yet. It is 9:30 pm and I am laying in the dark in my room. Can I make it another school year? I think I can. I think I can. I want to think I can.
Not sure where I left off at in the previous post. Ethan got HFM and then Andrew got it horribly all around his mouth. Poor little guy has been out since Wednesday. Tomorrow will be his first day back at daycare. Still has some scabbing but those wet areas in the creases of lips take forever to heal.
Teaching is what makes me fat. Seriously, last week we had inservice for two days and then this full week. At 11 I think I will die of starvation. I can't take it. It would explain the 50 pound increase from first year of teach to fifth year of teaching.... besides babies. That is a whole other story. I have been trying to manage the scale by a healthy sensible diet and portion control. I can't work out yet. I have my post-op appt this Friday. Hopefully I will get the thumbs up. Though, ENERGY, will be needed for that activity. Anyways my portion controls get way out of portion when I am starving at lunch. And the sweets that are thrown at you are delicious. They are treats that celebrate good things my co-workers have done, how can I deny them?
I want to become a better blog. So I better blog more often.
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