Tuesday, June 3, 2008


My dreams have come true! I have found my puppy soul mate. Sophie is an adorable black lab mix who likes to cuddle. Obtaining her was a little stressful, lots of anxiety, and almost complete heart break. Fortunately our puppy search turned out wonderfully successful! Let me tell you about our tour of Round Rock's puppies.

We have been planning on adding a puppy to our small family for awhile now. We decided that the Monday after we get for summer would be perfect timing. One of us would be able to be at home at all times for the first few weeks to monitor and train. By August he/she would be fully crate trained and so on. Sunday I found myself over anxious and was in search for an animal shelter to be open Sunday and have puppies. I was all over the internet looking at all the places in this area. I had been planning on going Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter since it's just down the street from us. We had been there several times already to play with puppies. As I was looking on the webpage I realized they were open Sundays 11-4 and closed Mondays. I freaked out. I believe I began running around the house puppy proofing and yelling to Ryan something about we are leaving in 30 minutes to go buy supplies. I jumped in the shower and then we were out the door. Went to walmart bought a bunch of goodies. Driving the shelter I am a nervous wreck. Ryan was sensing this massive amount of anxiety he started to comfort me and tell me it will be ok if we do not get a puppy that day. We can wait till we find the perfect one. I nodded knowing no matter what I would be heart broken if I didn't find that special one.

Anyways, we got to the shelter and the puppies we were hoping to look at her all adopted except one who was at an off-site adoption event. We went through the dogs there and found some adorable puppies but they were not available until Tuesday. The lady at the counter told us about a puppy that was at Pets Mart in LaFrontera. We decided to go check it out. When we got to LaFrontera there was a PetCo. No puppy. The guy there told us to try PetsMart at Lakeline. I thought we would check out the PetsMart Across the street next to Walmart. No Puppy. I could tell Ryan was ready to call it quites but I really wanted to go over to Lakeline. We decided to' go on ahead and go over the Lakeline. We decided even if the puppy wasn't there we would go ahead a finish our puppy shopping and look again on Tuesday. I walked up to the puppies and didn't see the one we were looking for but found many others. There was a litter for four very young cute puppies but then she caught my eye.

She has done a great job so far. As the last couple days have passed she has made me laugh and she has opened up and personality blooming. She definitely has a mind of her own. I will keep you all posted on her development!

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Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

How exciting, Sarah! A new addition to your family! How is the potty training going? I was the same way with my puppy hunt... I decided I wanted one... and there was NO telling me no. I wasbound and determined to get one THAT very day. I cant wait to meet her!