Monday, October 20, 2008

I am that person that only blogs about her dog!

So the title is true. And my dog should be a model! She is gorgeous! Anyways not a whole lot going on right now, though I feel I have been pretty busy. This past Saturday we went to the UT vs MIZZOU game. Which was a ton of fun. This next weekend we are going to go see Jason Mraz. Then the next weekend is Halloween, then the next up to Lubbock for the Tech vs OSU game and pretend I am in college again. The weekend after that I am going to a wedding and my college roomie Margot and her husband, Thomas are coming into town. Then its Thanksgiving and my 25th birthday. I guess I can say that I am officially in my mid-twenties. I have too much gray hair for only being 25. This time next year I will be coloring my hair. School is busy, thats normal. Still ready The Lucky One and then a book about comprehension for school and then a book about money (my dad said he would pay me if I read it.) Hope all you are having a good week. Happy Fall!

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