Friday, January 2, 2009

Starbucks/ Cotton Bowl

Starbucks has decaf lattes. I was worried about the no caffeine part. But today all my worries have been set aside. Now I just need to drink tons of water to get ride of these caffeine withdrawel headaches.......

Tech plays in the Cotton Bowl today. I will enjoy watching the game one last time but I am sooo ready for football season to be over. Maybe its my husbands split personalities when it comes to watching sports, or the endless hours with football on TV, or maybe I am ready for basketball season. Baby Bilski will be born just in time for the next football season. (S)he better be ready to be a sports fan. Lets just hope (s)he chooses the right team (go raiders)! Though I am sure husband will try and dress him/her in longhorn things when I am not home. We will see.

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Just Jamie said...

Yay for blogs! I didn't know you had one!!