Sunday, January 25, 2009


This post is dedicated to my grumpiness.

For the past four or five weeks I have had this feeling like I need to barf but never do. I have been walking around like a zombie even though I am taking naps every day and going to bed at 9. I cant seem to go back to sleep after my bladder forces me up at 2 or 4 am (depending on what time I go to bed). Every weekend has been bed ridden and the thought of having to get up and even take a shower is exhausting. I have lost 6 pounds in the last month. I have fallen way behind in my share of the household chores such as picking up after myself, cooking, and grocery shopping. I can't eat a full meal. I will be deathly starving one moment and take two bits and feel like I need to barf. I am not liking this first trimester thing. I need to be 12/14 weeks fast. I am not sure how much longer Ryan or I will last.

Of course, there is the bundle of joy at the end. I have had a couple of teaser days here and there where I think I am feeling great and have energy and can eat. But by the time it is evening hope has disappeared.

Here is to the future Baby Bilski!

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