Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Most Active Saturday Since November

Well, I believe I am starting to feel better in the nausea department. Still dreadfully tired all the time. All week I kept telling myself I was going to do something Friday night. Unfortunately, as soon as I got home I was in the recliner and was out till 7. I ate half a sandwich, watched a movie on tv and was out again. Sometimes I just need sleep.

This morning Ryan and I went to Teverna's on 2nd in Austin for a Valentines Breakfast. I hate going anywhere nice because I know I wont be able to eat most of my meal. I used to go there quite often with Ryan and friends for their happy hour type brunch. They would have five dollar bottomless mimosas and belinis. There were many afternoon hangovers from this place. I noticed on the menu they are no longer having this great deal, though the drinks are a dollar each now.

Ryan ate a shrip and asparagus omlete with fresh sqeezed orange juice. I had a classic eggs benedict and a decaf latte. I also had it for lunch. We were going to walk around down town for a little bit but it was a bit chilly and I did not dress accordingly. We took some detours around town and eventually made it back home.

I took a four hour nap which was much needed after our morning adventure. Ryan went and worked out during this time and watched the UT basketball game.

We went up to the outlets and walked around a bit. I bought some new shoes and stretchy expandable shirts. We were looking for some suits for Ryan for our cruise but decided to hold off on that for a couple weeks. We ate dinner and Jason's deli and now I am going to lay in bed and watch tv to recover from this last outing. For you active people this may seem like a dull and restful day. For me, it has wipped me out. Sweet Dreams.

There is 29 days till we set sail on our cruise over spring break. We are very excited for a new adventure!

Here is a three month mini baby bumb picture. Please excuse the messy hair and no make up, I had just woken up. My puppy also wanted to take part in our photo session.

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Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

youre adorable

Also, so mad they no longer have bottomless- though $1 each isnt too bad...