Wednesday, April 28, 2010

HATE and then a little love.

I hate you so much. Now, I rarely use the word hate. It is such a strong word and I think offensive word. But sometimes there is no way around it, when you dislike something SO much.

My hates:

Raw stand alone tomatoes- I keep trying you because I think I will like you, but it never happens.

Spiders. I don't even try.


Horrible Parents. The things they have done to these children are disgusting. My heart aches.

Negative people. Once again, I am a hypocrite.

Hypocrites. :- )

Drama. Unless it is entertaining drama, and we all know that's drama that doesn't involve yourself.

My Doggy going through separation anxiety. Randomly shitting on our carpet and chewing baby toys ONLY when we are gone.

I think that is all. Maybe for my next post it will everything I love. Here is a sneak peak:

I love that TAKS testing is almost done. Fifth grade takes Science tomorrow. I have a few taking the retakes in May.

I love that in four weeks I will be done.

I love having a friend across the hallway from me! I will miss her when she moves to the other hallway!

I love that I have gotten to work at the same school as my husband for four years now.

I love that I have a summer vacation. PS I need you now before I dissolve into nothing.

I love that whenever I think I need a different job, there is nothing else (besides being a SAHM) that I would rather do.

I love my Drew's smile and laugh when I tickle him!

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