Saturday, December 4, 2010


Ethan Joseph Bilski,

Your estimated time of arrival is roughly 68 days away. Today was the first day that I began to nest. Your Daddy said he was in a nesting mood as well. I have come to a conclusion that our definitions of nesting are completely different. I have no complaints about this because he is way better at the day to day chores than I am. You will learn this pretty quickly.

Ethan your bedroom is no where near ready for you and I am not sure what I am going to do with everything that is in there. I guess I am not completely worried because your big brother will still be in the crib for a month or two before you move into it.

You and your big brother may have some rivalry. Andrew is already jealous of you! He has noticed the growing belly you currently call home. He likes to poke, smack, and bit my belly. Today he threw a toy at you and it hurt! I am pretty sure you felt it because you kicked back! I know you two will be best friends one day.

Ethan I know you will be your own person. This pregnancy has already been different than with Andrew. I was not sick for as long as I was with your big brother. Indigestion has been less but has been increasing a little bit but nothing a few tums can't handle. I do think your are going to be just as big or a little bigger than Andrew. He was 10 pounds so I hope I am wrong! I feel this way because the physical toll this pregnancy is wearing me down. Depending on my daily activities I can barely walk in the evenings. The process of moving my right leg forward is excruciating in my hip joint/ sciatic nerve. I am taking it easy as much as possible.

Your Daddy and I can't wait to meet you. I wonder about your hair color and eye color all the time! Will you come into this world looking just like Andrew? It's all I know so when I dream at night you look like him. Will you have the same easy going temperament? Or will you come out your own little demanding boss?

I think you will be stubborn and strong. Out our last ultra sound you did not want to show off your manhood. I had had a little sneak peak two weeks before and were thinking most likely boy. At our official ultra sound they made me get up and dance so you would move around, as the technician was saying he was 85% sure it was a girl you went spread eagle and displayed what we were looking for. I think you will be strong because you have gabbed me so hard I have gasped for air and tinkled at the same time! Andrew better watch out!

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