Thursday, December 2, 2010

4 in a row?

Can I do it, four blogs in four days? I think I can! Having an app makes it so much easier. Though not easier to think of entertaining material.

What could I write about?

I could write about work but too many teachers are being fired for that. I would like to keep my job.

I could write about mommyhood. Though I can understand how some maybe bored and annoyed with that. Oh well, it is all I know right now! Yesterday Drew had a 15 month check up. Everything went great. He measured at 25 pounds and 31 inches long. This is in the 50th percentile. He started in the 98th percentile so I was a little concerned but she said it was completely normal. I had a doctor appt right after that. Everything once again is great! His heart rate was in the 150's and going strong! I have only gained 15 pounds! Crazy! Now I just need to be really good for the next 9 weeks ( all the holidays) and I won't gain like crazy like I did last time. For some odd reason I thought pregnancy weight melted away the day after baby was born. Poor me for being naive!

I will try and be more creative for tomorrow. If you read my blog feel free to comment. More comments I get the more I try at rejuvenating my blog life!


Allena said...

I'm a day late, but I'd love to hear more about this pregnancy or see a baby bump pic?

lfulwood said...

keep 'em coming!