Sunday, December 5, 2010

A little bit Scrooge and pee!

Tis the season! We put our Christmas tree up today. Which is probably the earliest I have ever put a tree up. This is also my first holiday with a fake tree. I'm a big fan giving each holiday their personal space. October for Halloween, November for Thanksgiving, and December for Christmas. There are always a few who have lights up by Thanksgiving. But this year I feel like the entire world is starting Christmas too early. We may get our lights up by next weekend though I wouldn't be surprised if we waited another two weeks.

We put the tree up and couple other knick-knacks. I still have two more bins in the garage full of decorations. I decided that whenever it is time to pack away the decor I will be a nine month pregnant person already freaking out about having everything prepared for Ethan. I would like to keep things as simple as possible.

I wonder what Santa will bring little Andrew. He has been a good boy this year, except for peeing all over his bed. I will fill you in about that in a second. Santa let me know already about some Mega Lego Blocks. What are things one year olds like to play with????

Now the pee story. Andrew must know how much his Daddy despises urine, which any normal person does, it's just funnier to watch Daddy when he is disgusted! On the day Andrew was born, still lying on the warming table, he had a giant pee fountain. Landing all over Dad's socks, which I guess he was wearing without shoes in the hospital room. The details are blurry, I was pretty doped up on narcotics due to a 10 pound baby and the damage that can do to you! Anyways, Daddy promptly threw those socks away and continued to wear a
shirt that had splatters of blood..... 15 months later.… Drewster can be a wiggle worm and it's easier for Daddy to undress him while
He is still in the crib. After the wrestling match ends Dad turns and goes to discard the dirty diaper and pjs. He turns around to find Andrew standing watching himself pee all over the bed! Now, I wish I was there to witness this but I was busy brushing my teeth. I heard a faint yelling. I turned the faucet off and heard "HELP ME" on the baby monitor. Hehe.

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