Friday, March 25, 2011

March Madness

It's been madness alright! I know hardly anything to write a sports related entry but I will try.

As I think back I don't ever remember there being a March Madness till Texas Tech was in it my junior year in college. I just happen to be in Las Vegas participating in my first betting experience.

My wonderful hubby loves March Madness probably more than Christmas. He and his friends have organized a group to follow along with the madness. This is my fifth year to participate. Ryan did say last night that I have a good track record. In the past four years I have won 1st(!) place once and my lotto team went to the elite eight or final four ( can't remember) last year. We usually have around 50-70 people in the bracket challenge.

This year the title March Madness has really been true to the name. High seeds dropping like flies due to buzzer beaters. Brackets destroyed. My bracket would be in better shape of it wasn't for a small minor fatal mistake. When entering my bracket I accidentally put Pitt as the champ instead of Ohio St. I didn't realize this mistake until two minutes were left in the game that Pitt lost. :-(. Oh well.

I like doing the bracket because it is something I can share with Ryan and makes these 90 million basketball games more interesting. Unfortunately, the interest level has dropped a little because I know I cannot win.

What will I do with my time? Maybe I will try and finish the book I started four months ago!

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