Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dennis the Menace

AKA Andrew has become a full fledged toddler. If it was just him I think I would be just as exhausted at the end of the day as I am with a 18 mo and 6 wo. He has so much energy it is unreal!

Normally he goes to a home daycare during the day even though I am at home on maternity leave. Ryan and Drew are home this week because of spring break. Which looses it's magic when your already home.

I feel Andrew has grown so much the last few months. He is talking so much and becoming more of a dare devil than Ryan or I ever were. Today, he accidentally rolled right off the couch and thought it was the coolest thing. He proceeded to repeat several times. Some words he is saying: up, doggy, stop it, ouchy, so sweet, good job, and the cutest one right now: ok. He says it after any question you ask him with such certainty. Im sure there are many more he us meaning to say, his yapping all day long with all sorts of vowel and consonant sound combinations.

He is getting better at eating, including veggies. There was probably about 6 months where he refused to touch a veggie. We are working on using a spoon and fork. The other night he sat in his booster seat and pretend eat applesauce with his spoon probably for 20 minutes. The next night he demanded that he actually do it himself. He may of actually got a third of the container in his mouth. That was a bath night.

He loves being outside. His best friend is Sophie and I think the feelings are mutual for the most part. She is so great around him. He literally lays right on top her and just 15 minutes ago I was prying his fingers from her poor ear and nose. I keep a close eye on them because one day her patience may run out! They chase each other outside and in. He is learning how to play fetch with her.

His will to do what he wants is strong. He has started trying to boss us around! When he does something bad and we try and discipline him he starts his check list of bad things and sees what kind of reaction he can get out of us. We have started time out. I think he is too young to understand the concept and to get him to stay in the time out spot. He was pushing us hard tonight. I was ready to start spanking! Sometimes I watch Supernanny and think I am going to end up in this show! If you have any suggestions on disciplining a toddler please feel free to comment.

With this growing personality the more love and affection he shows us. His "hugs and kisses" is when he rests his head on you. It's so sweet. He does it to Sophie and Diego. He tries to do it with Ethan but usually pairs it with this claw swipe grasp towards the face.

I love watching him grow and learn about the world around him.


lfulwood said...

The bouncy seat pic is priceless! And I hate to say it, but you haven't even skimmed the surface yet!

Sara said...

He will get the hang of time out if you keep doing it consistently. Evie laughs at me when I send her to timeout now. Awesome.

The Ledyards said...

My brother started time out with Ezequiel around that age and has consistently applied it. Now - all he has to do is say "Go to time out" and Ezequiel will start crying/pouting, but will go without fail. Not that I have a toddler, but after seeing Adam with Ezequiel, I think a lot of the training goes along with the explanation after the punishment. Even at 18 months when a boy doesn't understand fully, my brother would take the time to expalin what he had done wrong. Now at age 3, Ezequiel knows exactly what he did everytime and can verbalize it. Good luck!!