Thursday, July 14, 2011

Celebrating the Heat

(Or hiding from the heat.) It has been over 100 degrees for 14 consecutive days. In total over 30, I think.

Well, the boys slept in till 8 am!!!! WOW that has happened probably three times this summer. Mind you I did get up and feed Ethan at 4:30 am and then 7 am. I have no problem with that, it could be worse. The beginning of summer Ethan would take a quick cat nap at 6:30-7pm, Eat, back asleep around 10pm Then at 12 am he would Eat, and then 2:30/3am Eat, 5:30 Eat, 7:30 Eat. I don't remember being soooo tired when Andrew was an infant, but then, he was on formula and I could make Ryan get up (he does such a better job at getting up in the middle of the night :)). Ethan is breastfed so that leads to me and only me to get up. He is so darn cute, when I go to pick him up smiles and spazes out. I can't be grumpy about that!

I had finished all the books on my bookshelf ( I love summer) and my library books. The library also does toddlertime which is a story time where one of the staff librarians reads around 5 books, sings songs, and does finger plays. It is too cute to see all those little ones running around. Andrew and I headed up there with our books in tow. After turning in our books and getting the books I had reserved I wanted to go upstairs and see what best sellers were in. To do this we have to go up a normal stair case. To Andrew, this is a giant scary thing he has only seen once before. He did alright, about half way up he started to melt down. He kept looking down behind him scared he was going to fall. Coming back down he did much better. Today's Toddlertime was all about dinosaurs. I love seeing how Drew interacts with the other kids. He is pretty shy and reserved. He watches every one very closely and studies how they behave. I have also decided I need to teach him what a real hug is because he keeps trying to gently head-butt all the other kiddos (especially the girls!!!)

We came home, ate lunch, and he went down for a nap. I cuddled with Ethan until he fell asleep and I tried to read one of my new books (a new post at a later date) but quickly fell asleep. Remember late bed time and getting up at 4:30 am and 7:00 am!!!

Today, Ryan was tutoring in the late afternoon, so I knew I wanted to do something that would keep Andrew super busy. Some people may be apprehensive about taking two babies under two out in public by themselves but with these two, they do better in public. After we got up from our naps we found ourselves at Lakeline Mall. I have not been there in forever, maybe Christmas? We went and walked around a little, found the kiddie area. Drew enjoyed running around, watching the carosel and kiddie train drive by. The boys were worn out = great success!

Andrew was in bed before 8 and Ethan wasn't too far behind! Here is too another day in A/C!

Tomorrow, we are going to the Quarry Splash Pad. That place is awesome. He always takes 3+hour naps after playing there. Which will help clean up a bit before the wonderful Mother-in-law and sister-in-laws come to visit for the weekend!

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Suz said...

We've had a bagillion problems breastfeeding Eli which means he drinks expressed milk. Pumping SUCKS. The point of me telling you that is that reading that Drew was formula but you're nursing Ethan increases my optimism that when we have our next baby, I'll get to breastfeed the way I hoped to do it this time.