Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Blog App

Well, I was looking for a new blog app because the last one made all my pictures do a funky stretch. Let's test out the pics.... that took awhile to download. Hmmm, I will think about that. Sophie our always puppy black lab mix got a little excited and jumped up on Drew. Didn't phase him a bit. Unlike myself, I was calling my mom thinking he needed stitches! A little dermaplast spray and he was good to go! He is proud of his "boo boo!" Drew is talking all the time! Except around other people! He can be so shy sometimes.

This weeks recap: Monday I got to catch up with my childhood best friend, Anna! Haven't seen her in 9 years! Tuesday and Wednesday the boys went to daycare. Ryan and I saw hp7.2. Fabulous. Today Drew and I ran errands and enjoyed toddlertime at the library with our friends Ms. Ella and Paige. Tomorrow we will explore the splash pad with some friends.

Whats On My Mind
~ boys don't go to daycare till aug 2nd. I'm scared.
~ I feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with my library books I've checked out.
~ starting to feel anxious and excited about August- another school year
~surprised I didn't go hog wild with school supplies at target and HEB
~I'm mad at myself for eating a bowl of ice cream. Need to get rid of it!
~ I'm thinking breakfast for dinner tomorrow
~ I need an interior designer that will provide all the materials and work for free ;-)


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