Monday, August 8, 2011

Hand foot mouth

I wish this title was related to the things Drew is saying and pointing out but no it's the newest virus to hit the Bilski Household. My poor little Ethan is not a happy camper. This is only the second time in his 6 months of life to have a fever and need meds. Little Bubba does not handle it well, just like his mama. He has ulcears around and in his mouth which I am guessing is very painful because he screams and hardly eats. Last night he would only sleep when cuddled up to me. Which made me a little nervous because I had already taken my pain meds (stilllllll recoverying from my surgery last week). I didn't want to roll on top of him, but figured this was just how it was going to be.
Right now he is playing in his gym, a little happier than earlier. Thought we would take advantage of these short lived moments between the crying. Times like these your heart breaks because there is just not much you can do to take away the pain but just hold him and try to sooth him.
I hope this is not the trend of how this school year will go at daycare. Mother's guilt is starting to hit me. I wish I could keep them at home. I wish I could supply him with just breastmilk and not so much formula. I started thinking if I didn't start giving him so much formula he would of had a stronger immune system. Whats done is done, all I can do is pray that he will heal fast and be healthy.
Ethan did weight 21 lbs and 1 oz at the Dr.'s office. (90-95%) We didn't get his length though. I have tried at home and I got 29-30 inches which is off the charts so not sure if I did it right. We have 15 ounces till the car seat is no longer safe. Probably should make that change here pretty quick.
I am starting to think all my readers have lost hope in me with the lack of comments. That is ok, I haven't been the most reliable blogger. But I have found a bunch of mommy and teacher blogs that I have been enjoying this summer. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop


lfulwood said...

I love you and you are a wonderful mother! There is nothing you can do to prevent the kids from getting sick and your daycare situation is wonderful. Look how well Andrew has done going there! Enjoy the cuddle time, you already know how fleeting that time is!

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Suz said...

Ethan's size comforts me, reminding me I'm not the only mom with a huge baby boy!