Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stream of thoughts

In effort to TRY and blog regularly I felt the need to post tonight. However, I have no clever ideas and will just say what's on my mind!

1. This summer Andrew was potty trained and sleeping in toddler bed. Both of which was way easier transition than I thought it would be. I guess I just under estimate how easy Andrew can be about some things!

2. I go back to work tomorrow.... I love teaching but I don't want to talk about it right now.

3. Ryan took me on a great date weekend up to Dallas and we saw Jason Mraz. I love the lyrics to his songs and they just make my heart happy. Ryan and I definately need to make sure we do our date nights. They are so refreshing!

4. Ethan is a beast. I can't help but compare the two boys. Developmentally I feel Ethan is farther than where Andrew was at 18 months but in physical abilities I feel he is behind where Andrew was. I am not concerned about that, I actually feel blessed since the boys are so close together. God knows what we can and cannot handle! Ethan is talking up a storm and repeats almost all words! He is so darn cute.

5. I want to read a book casually. Is that possible? I feel like I have to try and finish a book in one or two sittings... which leads to being awake until 4 am..... Then I am not a happy person.

Here are some pics from this summer:

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Sara said...

I totally do the same thing with books to. and then it makes me not want to read for a while. boo!