Monday, October 12, 2009

Attempt #2

Anyways, Drew is doing great. He starts day care on Wednesday. Horrible, I know. I don't start until Monday but thought those few days will be a good adjustment period for the both of us. I know Drew is going to do great but the thought of being thrown into a brand new environment and a strange lady holding him without my supervision is a bit nerve raking. But I will remain confident in my decision of where Drew will spend his days without me. Really, it will be OK.

He has grown so much but I have really noticed a difference this past week. He has been interacting and playing so much. He makes these adorable sounds and half grins. It truly is amazing that Ryan and I have created such a cute boy!
1 week old
6 weeks old

I am pretty sure I will stare at his picture all day while I am at work!

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Just Jamie said...

That is an adorable picture.