Friday, June 20, 2008

Another Summer Day

Well I think today is the first summer day for clouds. Thank goodness I needed a break from the sun. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE HEAT and SUN but I have a feeling that this summer is going to get REALLY hot if we are already having August heat.

My procedure went alright yesterday. A tad more painful than I thought. They ended up taking a biopsy but the doctor didn't seem too worried about it. I call in next week to find out the results. But all in all the found what was causing the the stomach issues and all is good. Hopefully the biopsy is fine and I don't have to get a colonoscopy. YUCK! Afterwords yesterday all I wanted to do was lay and sleep. Today and feel great!

Took Sophie to the dog park to meet up with Chloe, my mom and step-dad's 8 month old lab. They had a great time running around and being puppies. There was another little snippy Chihuahua. That little girl put big Chloe and Sophie on their backs submissively! I am not a big Chihuahua person to begin with but I think Sophie did a great job. I want to make sure that she is socialized well with other dogs and people. The people part is not a problem except she gets way to excited and jumps on every one, three years old to 90 years old! Other than the jumping she is very well behaved. She has learned "Shake" and we are working on "Stay" and "Come."

She got very dirty from rolling around in the mud and rough housing, so we decided to head to PetsMart for some puppy shampoo. Well I can tell you now that she is not a bath taking puppy. I should of worn my bathing suit because by the end I was soaked! Twenty minutes later she was still whimpering. Something I have already observed is that she will never go in the bathroom. Even if I am in there or not. She usually follows you around the house except for the bathroom. I think her previous owners may of shut her up in there or she had a bad experience with baths. When I was trying to get her in there for her bath she was already shaking and whimpering. She did alright with the wetting her down and shampoo. When it came for rinsing she freaked out. Something for us to work on!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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