Thursday, June 19, 2008

Weekend with Reagan

Well, my little puppy is growing up! She definitely has some crazy moments. She doesn't like to be left alone, doesn't like nail files, will eat anything in front of her, sleeps a lot and has a ton of energy! She has had some puppy illnesses but nothing expensive medicine can't cure! Last weekend Reagan came to visit. Her crate training/potty training seems to be going backwards... Something I think Ryan and I need to step up a little more. Any suggestions on crate training?

On Friday we went to the Round Rock Express baseball game and saw some great fire works. Came home and played endless hours of Rock Band with the hubby. I prefer the guitar. On Saturday, we lounged and relaxed. Ryan and I went to an open house for a friend that was heading off to boot camp for the summer and Reagan went to a wedding. At the end of the night we made margaritas and ended up on West 6th street and ran into Desiree! I had never been to W. 6th so it was pretty interesting. We came back to my apt and ended up hanging out at the pool till early morning hours. In the morning I realized I had tons of bruises all over me from climbing the fence into the closed pool area! oops.

Today I have to go to Scott and White Day Surgery for a minor procedure. I have been having some stomach issues. Probably caused by the stress of fifth graders. Hopefully they will find the sources of these issues and if not they will have to do some more testing. I will let you all know if anything serious pops up!

Well I am going to take Sophie for a jog around the apt complex to help burn some calories and puppy energy!

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Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

whats your routine with the kennel? Maybe I can help...