Friday, June 27, 2008

Sophie is already growing up!

I have had Sophie now for almost 4 weeks. In that four weeks she has gained five pounds and sprouted up. She is going to be really tall! She has yet to destroy any shoes or pieces of clothing.... take that back... a moment of silence for the comfortable red hospital socks. The socks are the only piece of clothing destroyed. There have been just a few things she has attempted to destroy or have destroyed: My old phone charger was tampered. Now replaced with a new and better free phone upgrade. A part of the crate cover had disintegrated into thin air... Bobo the petsmart dog has received lipo... a frisbie doesn't exist any more. The blue pee pads are apparently toys to be flung around the house. Ohh and my thumb has endured two puncture wounds. Be careful taking bark away and baby teeth... The biggest and saddest loss is Diego's comfortable lifestyle. I was laying in bed last night feeling sorry for him. He doesn't come cuddle or purr next to us anymore. Instead he gets Sophies butt thrown into his face. I try telling Sophie that Diego is a cat and not a dog and they don't sniff butts. It hasn't sunk in yet. I do have hope that they will come to understand each other and Diego will stop slapping Sophie in the face. We will have to wait and see. In the pictures Sophie is playing with her Aunt Chloe.

Like last summer, anxiety levels about the new school year has unneccesarily rissen and fustration has set in. Last summer just a few weeks before school started our principal was reassigned to another school. This was terrifing to me and in my innexperience and self-doubt was unsure if I would be able to prove myself to a new supervisor. Of course, I shouldn't of questioned myself but I was a sucker for my insecurities as a young teacher. Everything turned out great. Had a wonderful and successful school year. Learned and got to know my new principal and enjoyed working with her. Unfortunately, everything has turned upside down agian. Not only has my principal been reassigned but our assistant as well. So much change at once makes me uneasy. I have always wanted to teach middle school so all this change has prompted me to think about making that transition earlier than I had thought. I am just thinking about it, don't think I will actually do it. I still love my school and my wonderful coworkers and friends so I would be heart broken to leave them. Just something I am contemplating.

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Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

I always feel really sorry for Bean too, she seems to put out by Molly all the time. Kinda breaks my heart...